Speaker La Quita "Dr. Q" Frederick, Ed.D

Empowering, Engaging, & Inspiring the “Teams Behind the Teams”

Dr. La Quita Frederick, known in academic and industry circles as “Dr. Q”, is an award-winning marketing and communications professional with 20+ years of authentic and progressive leadership empowering, engaging, and inspiring the “teams behind the teams” to chase excellence and to be exceptional.

Recognized globally and nationally for exemplary leadership and performance, Dr. Q has a proven track record of building innovative campaigns/programs and leading strategic initiatives that expand opportunities and promote exponential growth across academia and industry.

She aptly and successfully combines forces with transformational leaders and collaborative teams to develop and execute frameworks, to apply qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as to oversee strategic planning, implementation, and management for diverse projects and purposes.

Dr. Q’s diverse body of work spans business to academia, professional sports to college athletics, corporate to nonprofit, and beyond. She delivers and leverages high impact branding, marketing, and communications expertise as well as extensive event management and meeting planning experience to achieve corporate goals and vision, to cultivate executive branding and presence as well as to optimize organizational culture and synergy.

Having honed experience and expertise at The Ohio State University, Orlando Magic, Atlanta Braves, Durham Bulls, NC State University, Georgetown University, as well as working with the NBA, NCAA, MLB, and others, Dr. Q is known for challenging those in her sphere of influence to up their game.


  • Be Your Own MVP
  • Always Play Chess, Never Checkers
  • Chase Excellence and Be Exceptional
  • Embrace Ebb and Optimize Flow
  • Harness Kryptonite, Unleash Superpower
  • Get in the Game, Then Play to Win
  • Leap and the Net Will Appear
  • Lift Others as You Climb, then Soar Together
  • Practice Patience, Sustain Persistence
  • The Holstee Manifesto*

Dr. Q's Speaking Topics

The MVP Collective ™

This signature collection can be curated and customized for a client's specific goals and objectives. For speaking inquiries, please contact Dr. Frederick at iamDrFrederick@gmail.com or laquita@thefrederickfirm.com.

Running the Game

  • Brand Leadership and Management
  • Leadership and Management Philosophies and Styles
  • GOATs and GLOATs™

Changing the Game

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Activism, Advocacy, and Allyship
  • Social Impact and Social Justice

Playing the Game

  • Networking and Six Degrees or Less of Separation
  • Professional Development, Advancement, and Acceleration
  • Crossovers, Curveballs, and Pivots

Behind the Game

  • The Team/s Behind the Team/s
  • College Athletics
  • Professional Sports

Beyond the Game

  • Cause Marketing and Community Relations
  • Impact of Sports on Business
  • Influence of Sports on Culture

The Global Game

  • International Sports, Games, and Events
  • International Sports Business, Marketing, and Sponsorships
  • Sports Diplomacy and Cultural Relations

* Custom topics available upon requests

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